Episode 175

Pacing Your Projects

In this episode, we delve into the concept of tackling life's challenges one step at a time. We explore the feeling of being overwhelmed and the belief that life is conspiring against us. It's easy to feel like we're being bombarded with difficulties, but we must shift our focus from the magnitude of the entire mountain to the next step in the right direction.

Rather than trying to solve all our problems at once, we need to concentrate on the task at hand. Whether it's a simple household chore or a complex project, we only have to do the next right thing. It's about breaking down the big picture into manageable pieces.

When faced with overwhelming situations, we must remind ourselves that we don't have to complete everything in one day. Instead, we should keep moving forward and taking small steps towards our goals. By doing so, we can make progress and achieve success.

So, let's embrace the mindset of focusing on the next step and doing good work. By approaching life's challenges in this way, we can gradually overcome obstacles and reach our desired outcomes.

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