Episode 185

From "How" to "Who": Unlocking New Possibilities by Surrounding Yourself with the Right People

In this episode, we delve into the powerful insights provided by "Who Not How" by Dan Kennedy. The book highlights the importance of being explicit about our vision and purpose as leaders. By clearly defining what we want to achieve, we can attract the right people who can help us make it happen. Rather than focusing on the "how," Kennedy urges us to shift our mindset and ask ourselves "who" can assist us in reaching our goals.

This shift in perspective opens up a world of possibilities, as it allows us to collaborate with talented individuals who can bring their expertise to the table. By seeking out the right people to work with, seek advice from, and learn from, we can tap into our unlimited potential and achieve remarkable accomplishments.

It's common for many individuals to feel overwhelmed by the size of their goals, but as listeners of this podcast, we refuse to let that hold us back. Instead of saying "I can't do that" or pondering "how can I do that," we ask ourselves "who can help me figure this out?" and "who can help me achieve everything I want to do in life?"

During a training session, we encountered a powerful example that showcased the impact of finding the right people. High school students participating in a speed reading course saw their reading speed multiply by eight and a half times with the guidance of skilled instructors. Even those who initially struggled with reading experienced significant improvements. This example serves as a reminder of the incredible results we can achieve when we surround ourselves with the right individuals who can teach and train us.

So, let's make it our mission to find those who can help us uncover our true potential and expand our horizons. By operating within our areas of strength and leveraging the expertise of others, there are no limits to what we can accomplish. The journey may not always be easy, but as long as we continue to push ourselves and do outstanding work, the possibilities are limitless. Keep striving, keep growing, and witness the incredible heights you can reach.

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